About KoGES PheWeb

Results displayed in this PheWeb include:

  • genome-wide association for 76 phenotypes from KoGES (National Biobank of Korea)
  • meta-analysis for 32 phenotypes with Biobank Japan (BBJ)
  • survival analysis for 14 phenotypes using SPACox
  • association analysis for 10 phenotypes with family history using TAPE

Total 72,298 individuals with Korean chip genotyped and imputed (total 8,056,211 variants) were used in our analysis. Analyses on continuous and binary phenotypes were conducted using SAIGE, adjusting for genetic relatedness, sex, age, the first 10 principal components and assessment details (cohort and year of examination). For categorical phenotypes, we used POLMM (a proportional odds logistic mixed model), adjusting for the same covariates in SAIGE.

In the GWAS summary data, alt/ALT refers to Allele 2, and beta/BETA denotes the effect size of the alt allele (Allele 2).

More details are described in the paper.

If you use GWAS summary data from this study, please cite the following paper:
Nam et al., Genome-wide study on 72,298 individuals in Korean biobank data for 76 traits, Cell Genomics, 2022.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Kisung Nam (kisung.nam@snu.ac.kr) or Seunggeun Lee (lee7801@snu.ac.kr).

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